Frequently Asked Question

What should we bring?


Wear your swimsuit under your clothes as you will get wet at stops we cannot dock the boat: White Bay, the Baths, Indians and Caves. Many guests like to bring a dry bag or a zip lock bag for their camera/phone for those same stops AND for the Baths as you need to swim in about 100 feet to shore at the Baths and people want to have their phones to take beautiful photos.  Bring towels and sunscreen (please do not bring the aerosol type as it stains the white seats of the boat bright orange, or at least do not spray yourselves while on the boat), Camera, snorkeling gear (we have onboard you can use too) and some people like to bring a change of clothes. If heading to the Baths, you may wish to bring water shoes for hiking around the boulders.  Most bars around the islands accept credit cards but there are a few that don't (and occasionally credit card machines are down), so it's also good to have some extra cash.


How about drinks?


Your captain will have aboard a variety of beers, sodas, alcohol, and water for you to enjoy.


Does snorkeling hurt the natural underwater habitat?

The underwater world of BVI is beautiful and previous. However, it is slowly diminishing. To help keep this damage from continuing there are several tips to be aware of. You can find those tips on this valuable resource webpage.